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in a single app,
for simplified management

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With the TiKess application, finding a receipt has never been easier.
Now you can track your family expenses and budgets
directly from your mobile.

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Configure an email address on the app, dedicated solely to being shared with merchants.
Receipts will be automatically detected and saved in the application.

No more small papers, everything is saved in the app!

No need to provide your personal contact information anymore.. Say goodbye to  intrusive or unwanted advertisements in your personal email box. All your receipts from various brands in one single app. TiKess is all about benefits.

With TiKess, you follow
your budgets closely.
No more stress in your spending.

Need to limit your budget?
Discover TiKess envelopes

Create a budget on the app and be notified when
you exceed your monthly envelope.

All your rewards cards,
in a single app !

New on Tikess !

The app allows you to save all your loyalty cards for free! Find them easily thanks to a category system. All you have to do is take out your phone to have it scanned in store.

And also…
lots of features to discover!

Statistical monitoring

Family sharing

Automatic alerts

Premium Mode

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